And so it begins……

So it’s a new year and a new blog! And so it begins………

 I am just back from Morocco where I spent a week after Xmas. It was such an experience if ever I had one and I even managed to learn some Arabic!! Would defo recommend a trip there to mingle with the locals. It’s defo not your average holiday. Chokran!


Nice sunny weather
The locals

2 Comments on “And so it begins……

  1. what the hell has Heidi done, she looks about 40 trying to be 20…really sad….and even sadder that Spencer let her do this….hes laughing at her behind her back ever since he met her and now she looks like a fool….sooooo sad


    • I think she looks about 50 and is begining to have that plastic surgery Michael Jackson look. Clearly she is deluded. And ya cant reverse surgery on ur face. Watch those boyfriends!!!


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