Dubliner Amy Dillon, Over 700,000 YouTube Hits

Amy Dillon is an Irish YouTube sensation, a self taught make- up artist, a talented painter and now has her own amazing website www.makeupandbeauty.ie. Check it out ppl! How did this all come about ? ?Well she first began by uploading her make-up lessons onto YouTube after being inspired by an aticle she read. She posted her first video onto YouTube when she got so annoyed over how badly her skin reacted to a certain product. I personally think this is a genius idea.

Amy Dillon

She began regularly uploading videos to YouTube in 2009 which have been hit over 700,000 times and she now has well over 13,000 subscribers. Sensational or what. YouTube then approached Amy to make her a YouTube partner, dazzledust25 where she now has her own channel. You could litrelly spend the whole day on her website www.makeupandbeauty.ie it’s that amazing.

What I love is her laid back approach, her videos are so honest, real, genuine and personal. I can relate to some many things that she says. I have learnt so much from watching her videos and I think she is amazing for filling such a much needed niche. There are clever, inexpensive and natural ideas on her website. All you need to do is raid your fridge and kitchen presses for ingredients. Get out the porridge ppl!!!

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