The Perfect Edible Present!

Inside the door of Brown Thomas you will find the Ladurée counter where you can get any macaroon you desire. The counter just beckons you with its alluring appearance. You could just stare at it all day long!  The best macaroons now come from the beautiful tea house Ladurée in Paris. Apparently the Ladurée sell 15,000 macaroons a day.  They could be a great idea for Mother’s Day which is in May.. I think !!  I also want to own one of these boutique like shops.

Also the Merrion Hotel, Dublin are also doing ‘Art Tea’ now so if you want some lavishness in your life then rock on down! The afternoon tea that they offer include cakes which are inspired by 18th and 19th century artists such as J.B Yeats and William Scott! Seriously this is the best thing since sliced pan!! I think I could spend an afternoon eating cake at the Merrion! My friend Mandy actually told me about these cakes, in fact I think she should take me there. Less talk, more action 😉 !!

Art Inspired Cake!
Almost too good looking to eat but I think I could still manage it!

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