Childhood Memories – inspired by Sheelin!

I think everyone has their own distinctive childhood memories. Well my childhood memories are of Cavan. Myself and my cousins used to spend our lives there as kids! We went for 6 weeks every summer and any other holiday from school. We built our own tree house with the help of uncle John and had swings tied from branches which we used to swing off like Tarzan in the jungle. Gladly we had no fear. I had a pink bike with no brakes that John bought me in an auctions for a tener. We spent our days running with the cows in the fields, eating ham sandwiches and freeze pops, hitting the bee hives with stones and running away, swinging from our tree house with nothing but a rope, exploring the sheds hiding, eating cafe noir biscuits and tea, eating angles delight and playing with the fork lift As you can see below. We still like to do this! We used to have to phsically wind the fork lift but there is now an electric one. Oh the technology of it all!

Never gets old!!
nice M&S biscuits for the fork lift

I particularly liked the day when we were all about 10 and made a go cart and decided it would be a really good idea to go down the vertical avenue with nothing but the steering of ropes to guide us. Lets just say this didn’t all end well. Neither did the time we decided to put on one roller blade each. Down the vertical hill. I saved Sheelins life that day! 99’s oh those were the days!! We trained for hours to see who could save their 99 ice- cream for the longest amount of time without eating it all. They dont make 99’s like that anymore. They just don’t taste the same. Neither do the flakes.

My pink bike prob looks like this now

 As the summers and years went on John needed to keep us more entertained so he bought us a yellow quad bike to add to the daily adventures. He had it hidden under a blanket and tried to pretend it was a piano at first.  It came in handy especially when Sheelin and Debbie got surrounded in the field behind our house by a herd of bulls. They resided on a derelect house for a few hours so once we heard their scream for help we decided to rescue them on our yellow quad bike!  After a lifetime of begging, well prob 2 weeks, Uncle John built myself and Sheelin a Barbie house which we thought was the best thing since sliced bread. It was really only a few sheets of tin that made a little house. Oh how easily pleased we were! Episode 2 of Cavan coming to a cinema near you soon!!


Next best thing to the quad bike!

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