Dates Daters Dated

Everyone has at one stage either been dating, dated or wants to go on a date! Like are girls meant to take guys numbers just as much as guys do? Feminism n all! I personally think that dates are funny if nothing else. It can be nerve wrecking too though as you are going to meet a random person that you don’t know but that’s all part of the madness. So where to go on a first date? Where to meet? What time? ahhhhhh decisions! Well I defo wouldn’t be impressed or advise the cinema! Sitting in silence for like 2-3 hours is not really a great idea. And then you spend the whole time not actually watching the film which kinda defeats the purpose of actually even going in the first place. Dinner could be a bit too much for a first date, the whole eating is really a toughie to some ppl. Do we look ok when we eat, we can’t practice looking hawt when downing a burger and binging into a nice plate of hot chips as below!
Can we look hawt when eating this?!!!

So maybe the best solution is to just go for a casual drink (esp not wine on empty stomach). That way you can leave the munching to before you meet! Girls – Arrive 10 minutes late. Boy- Arrive please! x0x0

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