Airport Security aka Take it all off!!

I am sure everyone has been to an airport recently at some stage. The worst part is going through security. I am aware that all precautions must be taken so that everyone has a safe flight but its probably best to wear the least clothes possible. So when you take off your coat, boots, jewllery (10 bracelts on one arm, 5 on the other, a watch, one ring, a necklace, sun glasses, earrings, clips, belt and I could go on …!! ). Oh and lets not forget phone keys and wallet! I dont think the person queuing behind me loves how I manage to fill two of those plastic bucket things esp when it’s a business man with nothing but his briefcase to put through! And then when you reach the other side of the security check the process of getting dressed commences. So I have learned alot from my recent trips to the airport! Wear the least amount of beeping accessories possible! We don’t tend to think of all of this before we venture to the airport as sometimes style is just more important! 

Finally!! Up up and away!

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