Living Thee LANDAN Disco Dream!!!!

Landan. Where in the name of God do I even begin, I don’t actually even know where to begin so I think it’s safe to say that the past 6 weeks have been the most challenging (kinda glad I didn’t realise that challenge that lay ahead of me when I arrived as that would have put me off a bit but sure what does not kill ya makes ya stronger), emotional, fascinating, comical, romantic and some of the most exciting weeks of  my life. I think I have developed new stomach muscles from laughing so much.  Not alone that, I have discovered a new world and a new way of living, such a zeisty vibe everywhere! As Jay-Z said ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’, well not that won’t be happening here in London, way too much to see and do, your work here would never be done. I have not a notion of what is going to happen when I step foot outside that door each day, who I will meet or what new friends I may make!!

Isn't she a beaut!!

There have been a few celeb spots too around random London streets. For instance, I saw Jude Law there last week and yelped to the point that we made eye contact! I think we are destined! I also saw Fearne Cotton at Radio 1, ideally I am after her job and some of the Gossip Girl crew, oh and Steve Brookstein (first winner of X Factor)!!

This is how he gazed at me after I yelped!!

My new job is right across the road from the Chelsea football club so I am on my own mission called ‘ Become a wag for the craic?’. I am going to set myself a challenge and see whether I can become a wag for the CRAIC! I think I will take daily strolls over to the grounds and document as I go!!

I shall go here daily on my quest for wagship!!

I also am OBSESSED with TopShop on Oxford St, I bought an amazor dress in there yesterday and I can’t wait to wear it to a summer BBQ, just need to be invited to one first!  I could stand all day on Oxford St and just take note of what ppl are wearing. SO many fashion tips to be had!

My dress is something similiar but WAY MORE AMAZOR!!

I think I would wear it with like gold gladiator sandals and like a grecian gold head band. and like gold bangles and like obvo I would have a banging tan too!!


As much as I love Landan there are a few items that I am having severe withdrawl symptoms from. Yes I know I am not in the Sahara here and Dublin is only a flight away but it’s really the simple things in life that ya miss. HOMEMADE BROWN SCONES and BROWN SODA BREAD. You just cannot get that here. Like nowhere. You can get white fruit scones but they really just do not cut it!  Wilde and Green Scones, I love and miss you, esp on Sat mornings!


BUT I have located this trendy deadly amazor café up the road and they do the nicest porridge and honey and freshly squeezed orange juice in the world so that’s very exciting!


For all the women out there, Landan is where the hotties are at!! Left right and centre, left right and centre!


So six weeks ago I was fresh off the boat like an uprooted spring flower and now I feel a bit more rooted into my new life. The excitement of never knowing what to expect next cracks me up. Officially the best move of my life and I have the best roomy on earth!! Soo that’s a mini snippet of life in Landan BUT Mission  ‘Become Wag starts here on Monday so I will keep blogging as I go! Anything is possible!!

One Comment on “Living Thee LANDAN Disco Dream!!!!

  1. Hey misses great to get an insight into your new life! You’ll have to post some pics of you in that dress! Where did you get a job?


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