Ireland, I love you!

I never realised how much I loved Ireland until now. I know I live in London and it’s only a flight back to the motherland but it’s the really simple things that ya miss in life. Home is defo where it’s at! Things ya take for granted.. a garden, a Sunday roast dinner with gravy and apple pie after, my sister singing into my face until I freak, a dishwasher, an abundance of food in the fridge and presses, milk in date, Barry’s teabags, BROADBAND. I know I have mentioned this before but holy moly HOME MADE BROWN SCONES AND HOME MADE SODA BREAD. I have searched high and low and there has still been no discovery. I have scowered bakeries all over and I still cannot manage to locate one!! So I suppose it’s time to start cooking!! Unless anyone out there has some divine inspiration or location that I do not know about!

Pink makes the boys wink!

I went to a garden centre today and we got 2 plants in pink pots and pink candles for out kitchen which is very exciting complimets of my roomys sister! I also located very good granola and the most amazor focaccia bread that I have ever tasted in my life on the Kings Road, must really start making a list of these places!

2 Comments on “Ireland, I love you!

  1. I know how you feel!! I only got here about 4 weeks ago and I’m already missing everything so much. On the plus side when I was in Camden in the massive Sainsbury’s yesterday I spied a section with the breads/crumpets where they stocked Irish soda bread (the Rankin one) along with potato farls… result!


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