The essence of life and the zest of Pimmy Pimm Pimms!

Ok so after your first week as a proper working woman of the world, a PIMMS (new favouritor drink of the summarrr!) is what one needs so I strutted on down to the Thames of a Friday stillified evening to embrace the pimms. Cavan company is always the highlight of my life so I sat along the Thames with a Cavvvaaannnn man and watching the party boats go by, felt that foreign relaxed warm breeze and heard the party music wallow over in the distance as I sipped my Pimms with Lemonade with extra mint leaves (through a straw) £4 per glass £18 per pitch!! It was living the dream kinda stuff. TIP (always bring extra tissues in ur bag at all times in Landan, the central bathrooms leave a lot to be desired!)


Being in London, you think it so big until you walk into a random bar and bump into people that you have been meaning to meet up with since you moved here even though they live outside Landan. Like out of the WHOLE of the WHOLE city, I go into a HEAVING bar and stumble upon those ppl in the most random of place. Yesterday morning as I sat on the tube (that’s last stop on the line is Winbeldon, very excitin!) I read my horoscope which said ‘You will met ppl from home at lunch on your walk about ‘, I actually cut it out of the Metro to test the effectiveness of it all. Well the horoscope wasnt all that wrong, it wasnt lunch time I met ppl from home, it was more dinner time, tea time!! And I am not into horoscopes so actually don’t know why i even cut it out, WAIRD!


Sitting on the tube home (spend alot of thinking time here and read Gisele Scanlons, Goddess Guide) I saw a girl with a Chanel bag and the thought occurred to me, how the hell can Chanel defy the test of time and always retain that absolute timeless beauty? No matter where you are, country, time, year, Chanel never fails to stunnify the world. Just a thought!!….

OBSESSION OF THE WEEK – Cafe Nero Dark chocolate coffee beans! Heaven and 95p per pack!

3 Comments on “The essence of life and the zest of Pimmy Pimm Pimms!

  1. The same happened to me walking down the road in Camden the other day, pure madness. Although, it is lovely to know that it aint so giant out there afterall! ps my mam sent over some home made soda bread… nothing beats it really!


  2. yeah I moved over especially for a job, fresh outta college. Still can’t believe I’m really here tbh, it’s so so strange! The weather has been really really unbelievable, I spent all weekend drinking cans of Kopparberg down by the canal in Camden… it was more romantic and less gross than it sounds, honest.

    How is your job going?!


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