LLoyd comes to visit!!

Ok so I have become very bad at updating my blogerina but I’m just in from work about to go for a walk in Primrose Hill but thought I should take a few mins and upload my blog as I sit here in my kitchen about to melt with the heat and drink some orange. We have run out of pink straws so drinking my drink strawless!

So, when you move country, people always say they will come visit, so when they actually do, it’s unreal excitement! So the weekend started when I finished work at 5.30 and made my way back to Maida Vale where Lloyd was waiting with my Bulter’s chocolates!! Now I know who my real friends are šŸ˜‰ !!! I almost melted on the tube from work before the pic below! I also lost my voice from screaming and talking so much and sounded like a horse man for the duration of the weekend!


We also managed to fit in some tourist activity on our weekend! A 2 hour sleep in Hyde park due to the soaring temps and then hit Bucko palace to say hi to the Queen! She really appreciated it!

We also went for breakfast with a mini crew in Little Venice which cost about 60 quid! It tasted nice enough anyways! And then hit Regents park for a Pimms of an afternoon! And managed to top the day off with Lloyd’s debut to Nando’s after the World Cup Final!! All in all it was a very productive and fun weekend! Come back soon Lloyd!

We also managed to witness an African wedding, mingle with some friends, old and new! And I also made a book plan, on a wall, sure where else would ya make one!

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