My inspiration replied!!


Ok so anyone that knows me knows that I don’t leave the house without Gisele Scanlon’s, The Goddess Guide. I am obsessed. It comes on the tube with me, to work, on nights out, it’s basically glued into my bag at all times.

Every little micro pleasure in the book just inspires me, everytime I open the book I find something new and a new place to explore! SO i decided to email GISELE to tell her how inspired I am by her book and SHE REPLIED. I screamed when I saw her name come up in my inbox let alone when she said that I was ‘a peach and the most amazyest person alive’ AHHHHHHHHH! Stuff like this just does not happen! Gisele, the author of the book replied to my email. I’m still not over the shock. And then I get invited to her tea party!! Yes almost had heart failure at this point! Oh sweet mother, the stuff of dreams!! Carrot cake, scones, tea, cake! Gisele, you’re my inspiration!

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