X X Factor X X

Ok so have not updated my blog in an age which is a disgrace as there have been some sensational adventures.  So after finally getting Sky Plus after 4 months starring at a wall,  I am now back on my X Factor buzz so no leaving the house for me till Xmas.  There are also some interviews with some very interesting people on the way so I shall never neglect my poor baby blog again!


So X FACTOR AHHHH, I love Mary, she’s amazing and I hope she goes all the way because exactly what the show aims to be about.  I shed a tear and yelped when she got through last night.  She is talented, hilarious and also Irish so she is defzor getting my weekly vote.  I am also in love with the painter dectorator dude with the cap, althought can’t remember his name. 

So now that my two favourite people are through so I can’t wait! Makes Saturday evenings worth staying in for, woo woo! Oh just remembered the painter decorator is called Matt!

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