‘He’s just that into you’ has a much better ring to it if you ask me! Ding Ding round 2!

This blog insert is inspired by the women who surround me everyday and give me reason to write about men! Thanks Ciara and Lizzie!
Right so we have all seen the film ‘He’s just not that into you’. Well there are two sides to every story and perhaps the book should be re-named ‘He is just that into you’.
I think all the women of the world are amazing people but sometimes we get caught up in the game that’s called having a love interest, dating or a relationship.
A little bit of awareness is all that we need and once we are aware, then we can dismantle any funny business or games when it comes to men.
I have some awareness tips.
1) When you are first seeing somebody NEVER ditch your mates. If men think you are available all of the time, they then will begin to call the shots and before you know it, you’re changing your own plans to suit theirs. NEVER do this. Boys/ Men come and go but your friends are forever. From the start it’s essential to suit yourself. If they want to see you, they will make the time to. Changing your own plans to suit theres is not attractive nor effective.

2) If you are dating a beautiful babe magnet man, don’t think that you are the only one that they are seeing. You may be fully convinced that you are the one and only, the epicentre of their gaze. Well ah ah ah (finger waving motion). Never be fooled because sometimes you are defo not the only one and sometimes you’re just a grain of rice in a massive big bag of rice, which is not significant. Never leave yourself open to vunrelability, finding out that the dude is a serial entertainer of many a woman is not fun.
3) Pipelines are essential – Dating is a process of elimination. I am sure some people fall in love with the first person they meet. But I prefer the process of elimation. Dating one person is great, dating two or more is better.  A PIPELINE IS KEY. Giving all your time and attention to one person is leaving yourself open to rejection. We do not want to settle. Settling is for weak. We want 100%. For instance you would not buy a house or a car if you just half liked it. You need to see lots of houses before you find the ideal home. It’s the same with the men of this world. It’s a sea of fish out there, we don’t want fish. We want a whale. An amazing whale.

4) Texting/ Phoning – Do not ask for a guys number when you meet them out. IF they want your number they will ask for it or they will get it. If they want it they will hunt it down like the hunters that they are. I wouldnt advise texting or contacting them first. The chase is more fun. I am not ruling out contacting them first but it’s usually more effective to let them contact you. Then at least you have confirmed knowledge that they want to see you. Already you have one thing in common!

5) You body is your temple – This is self explanatory. People need to work for temples these day! Work it like ya own it!

6) If you want to get over a date/man/person, there are 3 easy steps to hurry the process along.
Cut -> Override -> Proceed
Cut – Cut them out of your life delete numbers, contact etc. Let’s hope your have not memorised it as deleting it from your brain is more difficult.
Override  –  Override the situation- delete them from your memory, too much analyticial and critical thought would set even the most normal person, mad.
Proceed – Proceed with your life and new dates in a calm, collective and non rebounding manner.
7) Drunk Dialing – We have all done it, we all do it, we all prob will do it again. There is nothing more cringe than your sent items after a night on the tiles. We want to crawl and die of mortification. CRINGE. If you are a lethal weapon with your phone when out, leave it at home. In extreme cases, delete their number before you head out or else you will come across like someone who has just escaped from a mental asylum. Especially if there is VOICEMAIL involved AHHHHHHH. This will make a man ‘just not that into you’!!!
Phase two is on the way……..

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