Ten things needed for love at first sight, well kinda!!

Ok so when we walk into a room and see that certain specimen that we call a MAN, a big tall man of the world!. A man with a sultry swaggaaaa, a sensual aroma (Armani, the skinny grey bottle!!) and a beckoning gaze. And oh yes, Instantly, IT’S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Well not actually BUT some things may help you believe that it’s love at first sight. Ten things in fact, devised with the help of all my investigators, ten things that make the allure come alive and give a man that certain ‘je ne sais quoi!! Rrrrrrrrrr

1) Eyes – Oh yes, remember the days of the film Scream, that absolute hunk, Skeet Ulrich with the mysterious dark chocolate brown eyes. He would melt you in one solitary glance. The eyes are high up on the list!!

2) Working the Room – That man needs to be able to work the room (work it like they own it!), silently yet confidently. They need to be able to tell a good story and hold the attention of your group of friends. That’s if you have any after following my Top 17 dating tips!!

3) Sense of Humour – The man needs to be able to have you laughing so bad that you think you might actually fall off the chair. If you ain’t got laughter, you ain’t got nothing. Constant laughter sets the fire alight, especially at Christmas by an open earthen fire swirling a hot port in your  Xmas LBD!! ‘Chesnuts roasting on the open fire, Jack frost nibbling at your toes da do de do …’ !!

4) Sporty – Oh yes, nothing more attractive than a sporty specimen, snow boarding, rugby, football, yoga (debatable but the rugby ones like a bitta Bikram, I know this cause I have seen them there!!!), tennis and perhaps climbing a mountain at some point!!

5) Thoughtful – Not in the ‘I will give you my last rolo’ thoughtful but in the ‘Oh I see you are wearing 5 inch heels there, sure have my seat there love’ thoughtful.

6) Kind (rich not sweet kind!!!) – They need to not be going dutch from the word go. Although we like our independence, we don’t want our independence exploited.

7) Ambitious – There is nothing, NOTHING more attractive than a man who has a bitta fire in their belly. You want to feel inspired by a man. You want to learn from him and make him rock your world!

8) Style – Irish men are the worst especially when going on holidays to Spain and seeing an Irish man with White legs, jesus sandals and new Dunne Stores runners or those Christmas runners (the ones that are so white that you know they got them for Xmas). English men have better style. Nice jeans are a must. And footwear. You might see the most beautiful man ever but if he is wearing those ‘preparing for the floods’ typa trousers, it’s just never going to happen. Not a good look. Or runners with a suit, traumatic!!

9) Cooking – It’s a real plus when a man can bust a few moves in the kitchen. It’s impressive. Not to mention a nice wine to go with that. And then dessert. Oh yeah nothing like an electric dessert.

10) Show me your friends – A man’s friends will reflect him, so it’s very important that you hunt them down. A man’s friends are the best insight that you will ever get!! If he has no friends, then you know you’re in trouble. If his mates think he a ledge, then he’s a keeper. Harness him in with a lasso!!!!

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