x Janspiration x

January is the new like INSPIRATION. It always takes a new year to put a spring in your step. It’s like January has a rejuvenation bug that no other month will ever possess. I feel inspired by a new year and excited about not knowing what amazing things could happen this year. There are so many simple things that you do in January that just make life all that more special. It’s the simple things that life that are best and the simple things that mean most. I had such an amazing Christmas at home in Dublin and I would like to thanks Grace and Ais so much for coming to visit me in sub zero treacherous conditions on Stephens Day. I love you guys!!

Doom and Gloom is usually the general consensual feeling of January. Well it won’t defeat me as I am going to nip that one in the bed pretty swiftly.Things that make me happy, things that are free, things that are most special are the non monetary things. These are the things that I think all people should do in January.


You should all invite your friends over to your house for tea and chats. You can NOT and will NOT beat tea and chats. They are so exciting. And such a great way to catch up with minimum effort. Maybe add in a scone or a slice of carrot cake or even a biscuit! Its an absolute winner. I am in love with tea and chats. Thanks to Barrys for being in my life, you make everything better!!


Ring someone that you love and tell them that you love them. They might already know that you love them but tell them anyways cause they will absolutely love it and it will make them smile and be happy. Phone them, text them, email them but either way tell someone that you love them and how much they mean to you.


Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people who have an addictive presence and who like to laugh. Being surrounded by great people makes me inspired by life in general. Laughter is the best drug going, everyone should get addicted and it’s free and you can get it at anytime, anywhere. Especially from your sister!!!

I think starting a blog is always a good thing to do and then you can document the interesting things that happen. Or start a diary or buy a notepad and write down interesting and fun things that you can look back on and reflect on. Or make a collage of pictures, this is a good one if you have a friends birthday coming up and can’t afford a decent enough present. Sentimental is always a winner!

 Cutting out booze makes you feel great, mentally and physically!! Hangovers are like totally evil, they force and make you eat everything in sight so cutting out the booze may be a good way to loose a few pounds! There is just no satisfying your cravings when you have a hangover so DEFO Switch gallons of wine for water this month!!

People always feel like they are stuck in a rut in January and feel like there is nothing to look forward to! Well walk into a HARIDRESSER and ask them for a CHANGE! Not an inch off your hair but like a different style or shade but definitely ask for something DIFFERENT AND NEW. This will put that spring back in your step cause ‘You’re worth it’ babzors!!

 Exercise is always something that people sign up for in January. It’s also something that they never stick to for any other month of the year. Go for a walk in a park or drive to the countryside and go for a walk there of a Sunday and get some fresh air. And THEN find a cafe that makes homemade food and hunt down some scones and carrot cake and it will be the best Sunday EVER!

The simple things in life really are the best and they’re FREE!! x x x x

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