Thinking of ending it with a guy your seeing / dating/ In a relationship with? How to know you’re making the right decision!

I’m sure every person on earth can relate to that heart warming exciting feeling inner butterflies feeling when we start seeing someone new or we are in an amazing relationship. It’s all great, exciting and you are literally on cloud 9 like never before. It’s so amazing when your arranging weekly dates and weekend get aways. You may even overhaul your wardrobe, all areas of it!! And get a new hairstyle, your friends think you’re on happy pills, and everyday you wake up and just want to jump out of the bed. You get sweet and romantic mid day texts; life is oh so amazing BUT how long does realistically last?

If anyone reading this can relate to more than 2 points then you’ll know what you have to do by the time you read my last point.  Take action, get out of a situation that’s going nowhere, lose the losers as those ones are a totalzor waste of your sensational and precious time, now join me in the movement,  AH AH AH, I don’t think so!! (finger waving windshield wiper movement!!!)


It’s not right and it’s defo not okay, Sing it to me Whitney, if you don’t feel like you’re living a scene from the BodyGuard 90% of the time then you need to ‘Walk out the door’ and make it swift cause they’re certainly not welcome at your door anymore.

Sometimes you may doubt yourself and feel like your being unrealistic expecting things to remain on an all time high but you’re not being unrealistic AT ALL because if a dude is really into you, you’ll never doubt or question yourself when it comes to little insignificant things. ‘Oh he just does not do texts/calls/ e-mails’, BULLSH1T, if you’re not on their mind or if you don’t feel like you’re ever on their mind then, ADIOS AMIGO! Es muy simple!

If you’re feeling doubtful, you’ll know that you’re 100% making the right decision ending things. If there is a little tic tac doubt in your mind, test it out, if you get more doubtful, then its time to dump them, in the recyclable wheelie bin, the one that’s used for compost.

If they make excuses for not wanting to make things official after approx SIX months, then they are a COMMITMENT PHOBE. If they say things like ‘sure we’re just having fun, if you want anything more from this then I can’t offer that to you’. Eh why would they mentally pre-think like this? If it’s not flowing like Niagara Falls, then it’s time to erect a mofo dam!

If it’s starting to become an effort with contacting one another, when correspondence is not effortless. If the dude is contacting you when it suits him, being inconsistent and you don’t actually know where you stand or if you’re genuinely oblivious where it’s going after four months then considering ending it is TOTALLY NOT abnormal.

When it comes to occasions like Valentines Day, if he makes out that he is not into it, that’s fine, we don’t expect for them to ask for our hand in marriage but a text/card/ any form of life or acknowledgment of such occasions really is a standard process. If you find yourself making excuses as to why your dude has made no effort, then it really is time to consider bailing.

If they make excuses that they are too tried, stressed, busy to meet then this is ultimate GET OUT clause. Are they actually for real here? Tiredness and stress is pathetic. They should see time spent with you as an absolute escapism from their stressful busy lives. You’re meant to be a breath of fresh air not someone who feels like we should be the grateful for their time????

Weigh up the pro’s and the con’s. If there are more con’s forming that con’s, don’t waste any more of your precious time on time cause life is way too short and the world has way too many other tasteful fish in the sea. Stick your rod it and pull out an exotic tropical fish! An exotic Antonio Banderas kinda one!

If they talk about their ex’s. OH PLEASE!!!! Bail there and then. They are ex for a reason, if they’re still harping on about them, they’re obviously not over them. Ex’s are ex for a reason! BLUNDER conversation starter! Save yourself!!

If it’s all on when you see them and you love it and then they ignore you for a few days, this is not on. Hot and cold, hot and cold, more than dinners, ALARM BELLS GIRLS!  They can’t just expect you to be available whenever they choose to see you. It takes two to tango and yes we also have lives. We are all about giving you our time but not at 7.30 on a Thursday evening or once a week whenever you can see a gap in your diary.

Watch out for the older ones, like the 30+ ones, they are the most dangerous ones, they want you there so they can have you on their arm when out socially but when it comes down to doing normal stuff like meeting their family, friends etc, they just don’t want to know. If you have not met their mates in the first 3 months then they either don’t have any (probable in many cases!)  Or they’re not taking it seriously.

Guys who make you feel insecure; turn situations around to make you feel bad and who constantly hack away at your personality and confidence have issues. If they make you feel bad about yourself even once, then its time to show em who’s boss. If you feel like you’re trying to be something you’re not then it’s time to press the DELETE button on your phone. Life is too short for mental torment!

When they call/text you like an insane person on a Friday and Sat night at 3am and are so adamant to see you then, well this my friends is when you defo know, its time to pull that plug.  Because there is only one thing that they are looking for here and it’s defo not a spoon!

xxLove JCxx

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