Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

 Sometimes you never really realise how ‘fond’ you are of someone until they go away. It’s not until they go away for a long stint that you realise how their absence starts to bother you. I’m not talking about an absence of two weeks when they go on a holiday; I’m talking more the emigration absence, the permanent absence and the not coming home anytime soon absence. This is better known as the GOBOPI (Gone on boat or plane imminently!!).

Irish people are definitely experiencing a whole new wave of GOBOPI. If they are not emigrating like 1920 with their good coat and purse in tow, then they are wallowing in a sea of monotonous activity. People see the ones who have emigrated moving on with their lives, setting up new ones and perhaps immersing and adapting into a new culture far removed from what they left behind. There are no winners in this situation apart from a generation gap and a sea dividing Romeo’s from their Juliet’s.

This brings me to my first point. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Or does distance   just evoke happy memories that we all think we want to revisit. So, if all the separated Romeo’s and Juliet’s were reunited would everything really be as perfect as your imagination leads you to believe it would be?

Relationships and distances never lead to a fusion of harmony, the physical and mental distance is often too wide to stand and sustain the test of time. But if it takes a certain long distance for a Romeo to realise that he just lost his Juliet, then was there really any love story to begin with? Distance forces these Romeo’s to make more of an effort with their Juliet and vice versa but the question is did Romeo ever show signs of natural genuine efforts when Juliet was in a 50 mile radius?

Some of us choose to be GOBOPI and some of us don’t but either way if Romeo was not showering his Juliet with professions of undying love before she set sail then why should Juliet give Romeo the time of day months or years later when he eventually plucks up the courage to tell her that she’s always been his Juliet? Is it because absence makes the heart grow fonder?​?? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or does Romeo just want his Juliet when he can’t have her? The moral of the story is that the heart show be the fondest it has ever been and it should not need absence to make it fonder!


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