Lack of thee X can make you an Ex??!!!

I’m not too sure if it’s just all of us sexy 21 century gals who are more aware of an X at the end of a text/email but lack of thee X often sends women into an analytical frenzy.
AHHHH!! You know who you are babies!!

The power of an X is really phenomenal as it gives that little zing at the end of a message and shows a little bitta flirting. Who does not love a good auld MEGA FLIRT, it makes the world go round. It warms the cockles of your heart!!  Flirting via text is mandatory especially when you’re in the early stages of meeting a member of the opposite sex. Lack of the X is really a reflection that the person in question is not a very flirty person.  Ah ah ah (windshield wiper movement). We cannot be dealing with non flirties in their thirties!!  We as women do not like un X message so if a guy puts 1 X in, you’re going the right way. Two kisses, we’re still loving that. Three kisses, hmm getting a bit uneven. Four kisses, oh dear this could
get weirrrddddd!!

Let’s say you’re in a relationship a few months/years and you always get a few X’s in your texts.
It’s all lovely! Well when you receive a text with no X then you know there is
trouble in paradise!! Lack of the X can send a very strong signal home to Daddy!!!!
We almost feel offended and insulted by the lack of an X. An X has a whole life
of it’s own, so powerful yet so small!

The night time texts are the most important and it’s imperative that the night texts contain some form of X. Lack of the X could send you’re other half into the biggest insomniac on the planet. We won’t tell you that we are disgusted with your lack of X but if it keeps on happening, you will know about it. It’s a MAJOR offence not to sprinkle a few winky X’s into a text.

If you don’t wanna be an Ex I would recommend an X!!!!



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