Have you ever lied about your age?!

Are you a fiend for the older man RRrrrrrr!. How come there is a new wave of single, attractive men in their mid thirties who are just single and unattached? They don’t have kids, they haven’t been married and they’re not in a relationship and have not been for some time. Do 30 plus men go out with the intent of kissing younger girls in their 20’s or are they just commitment phobes who can’t cope with girls their own age for fear of marriage and settling down. It’s an interesting one dontcha think?!

When was the last time you lied about your AGE? And WHY exactly did you lie about your age? We spend our entire youth LIVES lying about our age and trying to be older than we actually are… BUT when we get to the older age, we’re not happy with that either… so we pretend we’re younger than we are?! So are we actually ever content with our real age?

Why bother even having an age at all… because we never actually use it honestly. Age just makes us feel guilty at times. If we’re not engaged at 30 then there must be something wrong with us or perhaps people are questioning our sexuality. If you don’t have a kid by 35, you’re considered a spinster or a Simon Cowell. Nobody wants to highlight the 30th 40th 50th as that’s just depressing and your birthday becomes more painful and distressing as the years build.

So picture the situation, you’re out on a Sat night in a bar/club/social tennis club and you meet a member of the opposite sex. If they tend to appear a little older or younger than you, the conversation will naturally eventually turn to age. So how do we know when we meet a guy/girl that they’re telling us the truth about their age? WE DON’T. It’s so hard to put an exact age on a person you’ve just met. The only real way of finding out is checking their passport OR their birth cert which I doubt they’ll have to hand!

But does age REALLY matter? Well clearly it does if we’re all willing to lie about it in any given opportunity. There are definitely a few ways of testing out if somebody is lying about their age. Firstly YOU casually ask them their age… they should be calm and breezy and forthcoming with the RESPONSE. If they’re not… then they’re probably older than they say. Pretend you’re interested in their star sign, so ask them that. And then throw the pivotal question of… ‘ so what year were you born?’ and if they hesitate on this one, then you know they’re lying!

Women are the worst culprits when it comes to age. Women can get away with cutting more years off by dressing and acting a certain way and with BOTOX whereas men can’t really get away with it as much. Many men actually get better with age (Gary Barlow, George Clooney) so why do they feel the need to lie about age. If a man is 40, he’ll usually claim, he’s 38. Although it’s only two years, he’ll feel 38 sounds younger and more attractive than 40. A 40 year old man can’t let go of his 30’s so still feels the need to hang in there by two years and pretend that the 40’s are not happening!

They say age is nothing but a number but in this life age is everything.

The only thing in life that goes up but never comes down is AGE!


2 Comments on “Have you ever lied about your age?!

  1. I think the question should be, why are more younger girls going for older guys these days?

    If a younger woman is out at a say a Christmas party or on the back of a rickshaw swearing abuse at the driver or the public after a few bottles of wine, an older man will know how to defuse the situation.

    Men are like fine wine, they get better with age, and this is an trait that younger girls find very hard to reuse


    • Oh hey 40 is the new 30! That’s quite a vivid scenario that you’ve described there. Are you speaking from experience? Are you one of those liar liars who pretends to be in your 30’s even though you’re 40??!! Girls are feeling the need to go for older guys so they can engage with men who are on their mental wave length and that sometimes means increase the age of the prospective suitor!! I am glad you feel you’re like a fine wine though, clearly confidence is another trait of the older man!!!!


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