In love… with Rye!

Rye is the best discovery of my 25 years on the planet, thanks Darren! It was love at first sight for me. It’s so stunningly beautiful and quaint and romantic! The town is so laid back and they have old sweet shops on the meandering cobbled streets and amazing bakeries where you can custom make your own ginger bread man! EPIC loike!! And tea pots and cake and cups and flowery saucers! I almost cried with the beauty and happiness of it all! Yes tea and cake does make me that excited! It’s like being transported back in time. The pace of life is so relaxing and what’s even more amazing is that it’s only 2 hours from Landan! The old school style streets are full of character and their little antique shops are authentic, you could spend hours in each one of them. I bought an old key in one of the antique shops for 50p. Prob could have found something similar in a garden shed but I felt the need to buy something!

All the food in the cafes is so home made and they have such tasty undiscovered restaurants and bars! There is an old church in the middle of the town so I went in there and lit a candle for the craic! The whole town is an exciting adventure. They have an amazing selection of art galleries shops and little antique jewellery shops.

I can’t express my new found love and obsession for this idyllic beautiful place! It’s a mini escape from the fast paced Landan! Rye is a living dream! I heart Rye forever!

And there are so many nice places nearby where you can go walking and talking and just generally have the time of your life!

2 Comments on “In love… with Rye!

  1. I recently visited Rye, it’s a wonderful magical time clock which has somehow stood still from the modern world. It’s a pure delight and full of romance.

    I also found out that I my mother took me there on more than one occasion.


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