The reasons why you don’t find your future looking in your past!!

Everyone falls victim at some stage in their lives going back to an ex, thinking that they are the one. Thinking that you made a mistake and thinking that everything will go back to how it was when you first met. It’s only a comfort zone because as humans, we are creatures of habit!  BUT going backwards to past relationships will only lead to one thing, being disappointed once again because people do not change!

Reasons why you don’t find your future looking in your past! 

Comfort Zone – It’s harder to get out of a bad relationship. Your gut never lies and deep down if you know this is not the relationship for you then get out! ‘All the single ladies’, buy a Beyonce album and embrace the single life cause its much more exciting and fulfilling  than staying in a realtionship that you know is doomed. Staying in a comfort zone is probably what 90%  of the population do. Be the exception, not the rule!!!!!!! The gut does.. a.. not… a… lie!

People don’t change – If you get back with the person in question, everything will be fine and dandy for a week/month maybe even a year but.. those problems that led to you breaking up in the first place will always be there. They’ll just be brushed under the surface for a while but eventually they’ll surface. And you’re back to square one so don’t fool yourself. People DO NOT change!!

Socially and financially – Some people may be bound to a relationship due to financial reasons and they may share the same group of friends.. so it’s easier to stay in the failing relationship! But that’s just making excuses. Excuses can be tolerated to a point but then it gets boring.. plus the only person you’re fooling is yourself! Instead.. get out your bra, burn it and liberate yourself cause it’s the 21st century!!

Love U  – Nobody will love you if you don’t love yourself! Fall in love with yourself, join a gym, get your body looking epic and have the time of your life! Guys feel threatened by independent, confident, vocal, talented, motivated women. Fact! Fall in love with yourself cause that’s the best relationship you’ll ever have!

Boys comes and go, friends forever!!


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