Most Unlikely Places to Meet your Next Date!! Tried and Tested!

FLING… with force, the dating sites out the window, save your money and perhaps your dignity!  Use the mouth that God gave you and get your dating pipeline going! You don’t need dating websites in Landan town or anywhere in fact. They’re BORING, monotonous, FORCED and just lazy. Taking matters into my own hands as always, I have single handedly discovered some recent unlikely places to meet your next date. These have been tried and tested! J.C is bringing it real!!

My work is never done! The process of elimination continues! The fun never stops! It takes all sorts to make the world go around!!

When: 5 November 2011

Location: An old school tennis club (like from 1970), Battersea.

Reason for being there: Met some random person on the street who advised us to go there as every pub in the vacinity was rammed to capacity following the fireworks in Battersea park on Guy Fawkes night! I was also accompanied by my father and my sister. Yes I am that cool and you should never miss a given opportunity!

How the date occurred: Because of a hat! I’d highly advise wearing a hat. Gives you an edge and apparently men don’t trust a woman in a hat! Always a great conversational starter. *WARNING* If a man says he’s 38, it probably means he’s 41! And if he’s also wearing a hat, run like Linford Christie for the hills because there won’t be any fireworks when you meet a mix a bunch of randoms in an old school tennis club in Battersea. Just saying!

How many dates followed: numerous

Conclusion: Beware of men in hats!

When: 16 March 2012

Location: Boarding a plane, Heathrow Airport

Reason for being there: Going home for the weekend for St. Patrick’s day being the patriot that I am!

How the date occurred: It all started boarding the plane when I was asked whether I would advise a trip to the Guniness factory. Obviously I was wearing a hat and clearly I gave my real number when asked after a 5 minute conversation. On returning to Landan town, there was a date with the subject.

How many dates followed: 1

Conclusion: You really do not know if people are a few sandwiches short of a picnic but you’ll soon figure it out!

When: April 2012

Location: Sports Bar, Central London.

Reason for being there:  On an actual date! Was forced there to watch a Arsenal V Chelsea match. The venue is worse than Heathrow Airport!

How the date occurred: Well as I was on a date, another subject dressed as a golf player approached (due to pub crawl in the classy sports bar).. with a notebook. He requested I drew a self portrait of myself in this little notebook. As I’m a bit slow on the pick up I didn’t realise this was a chat up line! Obviously I put my name and number in the notebook and manage to secure a date the next day!

How many dates followed: Currently 1

Conclusion: Unwritten

The moral of the dating story and the dating scene is don’t look in the obvious places. Book a flight, take up tennis or go to the biggest dive of a pub that you can find. You wont find anything or anybody of interest looking in the obvious places. Shake it up and take a walk on the wild side!!!



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