If a guy likes ya.. this is proof he’ll find ya!

For years I’ve been blow away and captivated by the story of my uncle meeting my aunt on a random train in Ireland back in the day. They chatted for a few hours but when she got off the train, all the information he had about her was her first name and he also knew that she worked in an accountancy firm in Dublin. No mobile phones or business cards or google in those days! Following their meeting, my uncle got out the phone book and rung every single accountancy firm in Dublin until he found her! And the rest is history… That my friends is how it’s done! None of this dilly dallying lark that you have these days…. So when I went to the Twickenham match last week Leinster V Munster, I was shocked by what followed….

During the match I got chatting to Mr.Irish (think I’ll leave the name out cause this blog gets me in trouble!) for probably about 5 minutes in total who was sitting two seats away from me. I shared my mini bottle of Jameson with him (ritual to take a swig after every point Johnny Sexton gets!)  All I told Mr. Irish was my first name and that I now live in Landan but did journalism and radio in Ireland before I moved!!! So I then left the match elated after we won and two days later I receive an email from Mr.Irish saying … He said he googled me (the modern day phone book) ‘Jenny journalism radio Dublin’ and found my blog!! and then decided to email as he didn’t get the chance to ask for my number after the match. Then asked if I’d like to go for a drink when back in Ireland. Yep he’s Irish which makes this story even more impressive! I do believe he is mentally stable but I have to hand it to him! Things like this always happen when you wear a hat!

I think this goes to prove that if a guy wants to get in touch with you he will! But he’ll take it to google rather than the phone book like my uncle!

This is un point to the male race! Mr.Irish.. I salute you!



One thought

  1. Jenny from the block…
    I said I’ll read your blog and I have, is really good stuff and I can relate to half of it but your granddads storey is beautiful, its my mission to track you down and see what’s really under your hat, you said it was a bad hair day but going by your I LOVE CAVEN picture you look stunning.
    Sorry if this is cheese but you seem to know a lot, my main question is why are you still single ..??


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