Vincent Timmons – A force to be reckoned with!

I can safely say that Vincent Timmons is one hell of an inspirational person that everyone should know about.  As I’ve never known much about bodybuilding and what it involves, I will now admit that I find the whole thing highly fascinating. I am intrigued watching this sensational journey of passion, endurance, transformation, focus and drive. Not alone that, I have the privilege of calling him my oldest friend!  Having already won Mr. Nabba 2007, Vinny is now less than 48 hours away from embarking on the biggest journey of his life, represting Ireland in the Universe 2012 competition in Austria.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him just before he boards that plane to find out what really happens behind the scenes…..

I’ve know you since you could walk but I don’t remember you being into bodybuilding back in the day, how did you get into this to begin with?

Yea it’s been a long journey from there to now! Well during my teen’s I gained a lot of weight from unhealthy eating, I was 15 years old and climbing the ladder of 15stone! And 16 it was the same… it got to me, so I got myself a some weights from argo’s and proceeded to learn how to work out and read up on nutrition through bodybuilding magazines…the transformation had begun, and within a year I was a normal weight.   I learned from this that I could change my body, and I looked further in bodybuilding I was always a fan of sheer muscle mass and super heroes etc so I decided I would put it to the test, here I am nearly 7-8 years later competing for Ireland in Austria

You won Mr Nabba in 2007, did this give you the passion to really immerse yourself into the bodybuilding world?

I competed in the Nationals ( NABBA Mr. Ireland completion) held every year in September  in the under 21’s Junior category in 2006 and 2007, I placed 2nd in my first year competing at 19 and at 20 years of age I placed first 2007, I felt it idle to now take a break and focus on my career but with every intention of coming back to competing, I never stopped training!

Vinny winning Nabba 2007

You’ve been working towards the June competition over the past few months. We’ve seen the phenomenal transformation as you’ve been documenting it as you go. You’re making it look easy but I want to know the down low, have there been tough days?

The Competition is June 9th.  I’m glad I make it look easy, but it is possible and you can see that from the pictures, there is a level where you can get to ok enough but to surpass that to contest conditioning and dropping your body fat to below 3-4% is the real challenge, you really have to have your goal set and your mind straight, there are days where I would do cardio in the morning my weights in the afternoon and cardio again that evening…we’re talking 3-4 hours of exercise, trust me my mind would give me any excuse not to go for that last session of cardio, but you know what you have to do… you know at the end really?? Did I give it all I had.. did I put in the work.. I can honestly say there is nothing I could have done more…

Vinny 13 weeks out

I am intrigued to know what you eat in an average day?

Average day 20 egg whites over 2 meals, 8 chicken fillets and some green veg with essential fatty acids and I ate bowls or oats/porridge for carbohydrate source,  diet was high protein moderate carbohydrate and low in fat , I keep things simple so if I have to take any kcals out as I plateu its easy done

Is alcohol totally off the list?


Can you go to a restaurant? You must be able to hit Nandos?

Ah personally I wouldn’t I prefer my own food prep and my own routine during contest prep I eat bland its only for a period of time I have the whole year to eat that stuff

You must have a guilty pleasure?

Been honest…all I can’t wait for is a nice meal out… just good cusine maybe tapas

Which fake tan do you use? And who applies it to areas that you can’t reach?

I use a contest tan that most bodybuilders would use called DREAM TAN, and that would be my girlfriend on the day who applies 🙂

Vinny 9 weeks out

Who’s your inspiration?

In bodybuilding Evan Centopani, but my Girlfriend Julija got me through this with a s strong mentality kept me focused.. so if any one I would have to say her

Have you had good support over the past few months?

Great support from everyone! Followers on facebook tracking my progress and more twitter fans all the time sending me messages and how I’ve inspired them and kept them motivated…been honest it’s been overwhelming to have such feedback and it’s given me more motivation to keep pushing forward more then ever

Have you devised your own training plan?

I have indeed, My weight training doesn’t really change just orientation of cardio and diet changes

Are there any lasting negative effects on your body?

Nothing I Have come across personally

You must be so aware of every muscle in your body at this stage?

I am indeed, working out its like a anatomy chart I’ve been told lol

On average, how many hours a day is spent training?

3-4 hours daily , 45 mins cardio In the morning first thing before breakfast,  I would head home eat and nap, eat again then train weights then later that evening another 45 mins cardio

Do you feel that Irish men are becoming more aware of their bodies and physique in recent years?

Yes its appalling what this country has turned into male and female, they have no regard for their body, eating the way they do not knowing anything in terms of nutrition, thank god its starting to get a little bit better, I know the USA is no better but at least they have everything if you do want commit to health big time with convenience

Vinny 3 weeks out

Do you give personal coaching and how do people get in touch if they want to contact you?

I do indeed , I work in Private studio doing 1:1 personal training I have my website and also my e-mail is if they need any more info its all there with  A Bio

How are you mentally preparing for the competition?

Mentally Im in a good place 🙂 the best I think 😉

 If you had to sum up what you do and what you’re about in 3 words..

Striving to Improve ( be the best that I can be)

With the whole of Ireland behind him, this is definitely one journey… that has just begun…

Vinny and me back in the day!!!

Wishing you all the luck in the world this weekend!  (and please don’t kill me for the above picture!!)



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