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I’ve decided it’s time to delve into where no woman has gone before… A Man’s brain! So I’ve decided to dedicate a whole page and nominate one man every month to answer our questions! Hear it, see it and read it from the horses mouth!

Let me introduce you to our first man of the month.. Interested to hear what girls and guys think of these situations?! Let’s help each other and DISH the TRUTH on this page!

Name: Philip Age: 27 Lives: Landan Status: Single

Would a new guy be put off if the girl he likes has recently broken up with a long term boyfriend?

Well if he has asked you out, he can’t mind too much! I know from my point of view it can be worrying that because she has come out of something long term, she might not be ready for something more at this point in time. Try not to judge him based on your past relationship and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES mention your EX on your date!

I think the real question is… if he is a new guy why does he know you just split up with your boyfriend?

Is staying over on the first date frowned upon from a male perspective? What’s the real answer to this question?

Imagine walking into Selfridges and seeing the best Fendi, Chanel, Prada  handbag you have ever seen. It’s well out of your price range but you must have it.  You start saving for it, talking to your friends about it. Every time you look it up online your heart skips a beat. Now imagine you go back into Selfridges a week later and after speaking to the sales assistant, they give it to you.  At first you might be elated but the whole build up would be lost and in the end it will just be another bag. 

Every date is different and if things are going really well and you can’t wait to ‘rip his clothes off’  then I don’t see anything wrong with staying over at his. However from a male point of view guys may like ‘the devil may care’ attitude at first but will always be thinking, “if she has come back with me after a Mojito and a pizza, who else has she been back with recently? ” And obviously you don’t really know each other that well yet so it may be a little awkward in the morning, especially as you are trying desperately to maintain your morning ritual and he is getting in the way moaning for breakfast.  From my perspective I love the chase and if I get the girls after one date I cant help thinking “well it was fun but maybe a little too fast too soon.”

 I guess you have to ask yourself, can I see a future with the guy?

Should a guy pay for dinner on the first date? How should that work in 2012? Any first date rules?

Let me start by saying if a guy offers to take you for dinner on a first date you have done well. Most guys I know will just take a girl for a drink in a pub and maybe some bar snacks if she is lucky!

Simple answer yes. In the same way a guy should always hold the door open for a girl.  It’s not so much the paying but it shows the attitude of the guy.  First date should be all about the man wooing the girl. However one of my biggest turn offs on the first date is the girl not offering to go Dutch or at least buying a drink after dinner. It just shows that you are willing to meet us half way and the date is going ok (even if it is not). Beware! If you are not enjoying the date chances are neither is he so he may call your bluff and actually expect you to split the bill before making a hasty retreat! 

If you’re dating a guy and don’t want to see him again. How do you get out of this tricky situation?

 Tell him!!! From a guys point of view there is little worse than waiting for a txt that is never coming. Just txt saying something along the lines of, “your nice and we have had fun but i am not ready for something serious, yet and that we would be better off as friends”. Don’t go into specifics as once their ego is damaged it could get messy(even though they will probably ask). The whole lets just be friends is cliché but they should get the message. I can’t see many guys wanting to be friends with someone who just dumped them?

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