Men have become women! Women have become men! This is why…

A recent chat with two 26 year old males in a sunny Regents Park whilst having a Sunday Pimms has given birth to these thoughts and lead me to the following observations…

Attitude towards fashion

Male – I’ll be ready in an hour! Just need to straighten my hair and iron my red skinny jeans. Then apply my tinted facial moisturiser and a Crest whitening strip. Then I need to carry out my all over body baby oil routine! You wouldn’t mind whisking me up a protein shake whilst I pluck my eyebrows! Order a taxi! I can’t risk my hair being exposed to the elements tonight!

Female – I’ll see you there so! I’ll do my make up on the tube and luckily it’s windy tonight so the air will naturally blow dry my hair. Make sure to put my entire make up kit back in my bag where you found it!

Attitude towards food

Female – I’m starved, whack that bad boy M&S meal deal in the oven before I pass out!

Male  – I’m on a detox so officially not eating carbs this week!

Attitudes towards appearance

Male – This new Nivea moisturiser is like silk to the skin. It feels so super soft

Female – Oh dear!

Attitudes towards marriage and kids

Male  – Oh I’d definitely like to settle down before I’m 30 and get married and have kids and watch those little dumplings run around the garden!

Female – Nah can’t be bothered with that to be honest! Never getting married and I’m just not the maternal type. I’ve a career to build!

Attitudes towards babies

Male – Please turn on ‘One born every minute’ I love that show!

Female – Could you change the channel please! The Only Way is Marbs is on and I’ve been waiting all week to see it!

Attitudes towards relationships

Female – Ah sure can’t be dealing with a relationship!  It’s all about having the time of your life! No need for being tied down and claustrophobia just yet!

Male – Yeah I’d really like to settle down and have a partner that I can spend quality time with. Fancy coming over and I’ll cook you dinner in my kitchen smock and we can watch a DVD?

Obviously there are many exceptions to all of the above but sometimes I do worry for the male race!



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