Hyperventilation, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Hyperventilation, panic attacks and anxiety are scary things, especially when they happen to you for the first time. I had a very scary experience last Thursday when I went for an after work drink with some people from work. The weather was quite hot and I had been really tired all week. I then in an instant felt like I was having a little anxiety which has happened before… so I was not that worried. I then realised that it was getting worse so I went inside to the bathroom to try and calm down. Luckily my friend from work followed me in but it all went down hill from there.

It was possibly the scariest thing that ever happened to me in my life. My hands went paralyzed and I couldn’t move or open them. I also had penetrating pins and needles going through my entire body and I was struggling to breath. An ambulance was called and they eventually managed to calm me down.

I wouldn’t normally write about something so personal but the reason I am is because it was such a horrendous experience. After speaking to friends afterwards, I realised that panic attacks and anxiety are more common than I thought. I feel like it’s an area that’s never spoken about. If I had of realised what was happening  to me from the begining, I think that would have helped me!

They are mainly triggered by high levels of stress, exhaustion, taking too much on and not looking after yourself properly. Sleep and eating well are vital when you live life in the fast lane.

The scariest and worst thing about hyperventilating, experiencing anxiety or having a panic attack is the fear of not knowing what is happening to your body and being unable to control it.

I’ve looked into ways to try alleviate this ever happening to me again so here’s my top 5 tips which I know will help anyone are,

  • Make sure to take time out for yourself to sleep, relax or go to a yoga class and make really nice healthy food
  • Avoid late nights and caffeine as this often tends to speed up your heart rate
  • Always be aware that panic attacks are not dangerous and once you know what they are you can control and avoid them happening
  • Try to avoid stressful situations as these often trigger panic attacks. You only have one body so take care of it as you have to live in it your whole life!
  • Eliminate people who stress you out and bring unnecessary negative situations to your life

I can safely say I actually felt like I was having a heart attack during my panic attack so I was very happy afterwards when I realised that it wasn’t serious. Many people are most likely too embarrassed to talk about panic attacks and anxiety but I think it’s important to recognise the symptons and avoid it happening again. I’m not sure if it’s more a female thing so it would be interesting to find out if this happens to guys too!!!



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Jenny Conlon is a broadcast, freelance journalist, writer and fashion and entertainment critic. Her work has featured on the RTÉ. fashion and entertainments website. She has assisted production of RTÉ's Morning Ireland and The Business. Jenny produced and presented a weekly fashion and entertainment show Girls Talk Back on 103.2 Dublin City Fm and was Newsreader and Editor of the newsroom. Her work continues to feature in Irish publications such as The Irish Tatler, U magazine and The Dubliner. Jenny completed her Masters in International Journalism in 2009. She is looking forward to a jam packed 2012 where she will continue broadcasting and writing and being inspired. She will be modelling for a high street fashion shoot and plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.....

7 thoughts on “Hyperventilation, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

  1. I suffer from anxiety and panic, the first time I had a panic attack I thought I was dying it is the scariest thing I ever went through! I remind myself now that if it does happen it will resolve and by breathing properly u can usually calm the whole situation down. I hope you feel okay now xxx


    1. Hey there! Thanks for your comment. I actually thought I was dying too and it had never happened me before. Trying to remain calm is the key because if you dont it will just get worse! Thanks for sharing! I feel so much better now x x x x


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