Forget Essex, Marbs and Chelsea… The Only Way Is Cavan!

A few words to describe the 2012 Cavan Fleadh —> Muzaaac, spoons, Mock Marriages, Tigers, Jungle Bouncing Castle, The Gurhys, the madonna, Jesus, Cavan General, a cracked rib, cone knocking and barricading at 2am, John on his push bike, stew, mud sliding, 3 beds-20 ppl, tents, banjos, wellies, fairy washing liquid, uncooked pizza and general time of your life!

I’d like to first thank the wonderfully skilled Eddie Irvine aka Bryan Gurhy for driving and swerving a few cows to stop and take the monumental picture below.

This moment marked the start of a weekend of craic! And so it had begun, the journey to the Cavannnnn Fleadh hie!

On arrival to my Uncle John’s house, I was overjoyed to see the arrival of my jungle bouncing castle! So tropical, alluring and vibrantly zesty so much so… that you could almost eat it!

We were so very astounded when a female Tiger called Eve graced us with her vivacious presence. She had escaped from the zoo and was found wandering around our very castle, I think she may have thought she was in her natural habitat… but with the help of the Gardai, she was returned via Dublin Bus to her worried zoo keeper!

I found my hidden raw talent this weekend too… Banjo playing! Oh yeah, you can’t beat a good banjo play of a morning! I’ve taken to it… like a duck takes to water! I discovered I am also partial to a bit of gardening with my lovely country wheelbarrow!

An activity which clearly comes very naturally to me!

Hallelujah! I also became quite religious after 20 odd years! The love of God was certainly ALL around!

I shocked my own self and got mock married on Saturday 18 August at 4:30am under a rose petal arch! It was very romantic and the honeymoon kicked off at the jungle bouncy castle and man made mud slide… the next day! Such a happy marriage!

 I drove my way there on my yellow quad bike which later died due to sheer excitement! Travelling in style has always been my forte! I think it’s safe to say that it was an eclectic, electric experience!

This above is a mere morsel snippet of life at the Cavan Fleadh 2012! Who needs Essex, Marbs or Chelsea… THE ONLY WAY IS CAVAN!

The hero and inspiration that is my Uncle… John!

Team Conlon forever!!



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