I love Amy Winehouse

Just because you can’t see people, this does not mean they are not there. Just because people die, this does not mean that you can’t still feel their presence and their energy at all times of the day and especially at night.

‘I have this dream to be very famous to work on stage. It’s a life long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just…forget their troubles for five minutes. I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer, for sell-out concerts and sell-out West-End and Broadway shows and for being just me’ (Amy, 13 years old)

I actually bought ‘Amy, My Daughter’ written by her Dad, Mitch Winehouse the day it came out but only getting around to writing it now because I had writers block! I was so in love with Amy and her music and even more so now. She mystified me with her raw authentic irreplaceable talent and her genius lyrics. Her talent can not be recreated, copied or destroyed. She was original and unaware of her sheer astounding brilliance. She was a flawless genius, a living legend and remains my total inspiration.

She put a stamp on her words. She formatted each of them like no other artist. Her written pieces of work were like the making of a smoothie. She picked the fruit herself, she tasted whichever fruit she wanted, she then put the fruit in a blender and mashed it all up…Amy style… The result was that she would then manage to produce the most exotic exquisite tasting smoothie on the planet and known to man. However…when she got sick of the same smoothie, she found the taste of it would then make her physically ill and panicky so she couldn’t taste it anymore. In fact she couldn’t even bare to look at it, and became allergic to every single ingredient.

Her Dad revealed the real Amy, the Amy before she got famous and Amy as a baby. It was really nice to get an insight into their normal family life before the fame. Her Dad recounted how the only time Amy was ever on time in her life was the day she was born! She was renowned for being late from that day on.

She loved KFC! She had no diva tendencies or qualities and always just hung out in her local. Amy didn’t need to become a diva because she had a really natural gift. She never set out to be famous even though she was nominated for six Grammy awards in 2006 and won five. All before the age of 23!

It might sound weird but I could relate to Amy throughout the book. She could only write lyrics through her own experience and emotion. She was on a different wave to anybody else on the planet. I definitely think she graced earth before… you could hear this though her beautiful soulful unearthly tones. Amy’s own musical inspirations were mainly all dead and from another era! Her Grammy Award winning, Back to Black was written about her life, turbulent relationships, love, heartbreak and devastation.

Her Dad said that two of her favourite places were Dublin and Dingle where she performed in St James’s church in front of a small audience in December 2006! Her Dad recently said how Any felt so relaxed and at home in Dingle! I loved her attitude, her look and everything about her. I actually dressed up as Amy one Halloween!!

I listen to Amy religiously every day without fail. I know she will never perform again but she will live on forever through her musical presence, her genius talent and her unforgettable legacy.



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