5 things women can’t do in 2012!

I’m not going to lie, I CAN do a lot of things these days but sometimes I think there are just some things in life that I CAN’T do! It’s a great day for feminism really….

Some things I feel women struggle a little with in 2012…

Cook – I might just be speaking from personal experience but I currently specialise in toasted cheese sandwiches maybe beans on toast at a push… just to really shake it up!! I was definitely not brought up in an uncooked household. I am incapable of cooking a Sunday roast dinner! Shame on me!

Ironing – That’s actually worse than my cooking. Ironing a shirt or a duvet cover is like a painful, painful ordeal. Corners corners corners. I can conquer a pillowcase but please do not expose me to a laundry basket at anytime!

Be homely – I came from the most homely house on earth. Recreating this homely vibe in my current house is not one I’m capable of! Maybe one day I’ll astound!

Bring out the bins – Every week without fail, I miss this one! I hear that truck in the distance… as it leaves my road! The consequence is mammothly large!

Organisational skill – They just don’t exist! It’s a great day for feminism!

Men of the world, we salute you!!



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