The two times in life that women want men!!!

As Christmas is approaching, I’ve decided to reveal the two times in life that women want men. One is Christmas. The reason for this is because we want to go to ice skating in Winter jumpers with A MAN and then afterwards go to a really nice pub with a roaring fire and sit there on a really comfy couch and drink red/mulled wine and gaze lovingly into each others eyes! Then have some dinner and go home and watch a Christmas film like Home Alone or Miracle on 34th street! A really nice Christmas present always goes down well too.

The other time we want A MAN is on Sundays. Especially when we’re hung over because we like to spoon them then. And get breakfast in bed and watch TV on the couch so a man comes in really handy on A Sunday!Β 

There are other days of the week and other times of the year when a man is also welcomed but the TOP 2 times women want men… Sundays and Christmas!



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