Conlon Antiques! The real reason behind the name change!!

My Dad’s shop has been on Clanbrassil street in Dublin for probably for about 30 years!! He may as well be part of the street himself! And for the past 30 years his shop has been known as ‘The Curio Shop’… So after 30 years Greg decides that he’s changing the name of his shop to ‘Conlon Antiques’!. Most people would normally change their shop name for branding reasons or because they wanna appeal to their target audience… Not Greg…The real reason he changed the name is due to a conversation he overheard as he munched his sandwich in the cafe (bottom left of the pic) beside his shop. An old couple were sitting having their afternoon tea and cake looking at ‘The Curio Shop’ deliberating what it was that ‘The Curio Shop’ sold!… That was it and that was Greg’s light bulb moment after 30 years!! And as of November 2012, Conlon Antiques was born!! Here’s to another 30 years!!! A business man if ever I met one!!

gregs shop
Conlon Antiques

 gregs shop

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