Ditch the dates and go a running!

Being the dating disaster that I am, I’ve resigned from going on dates.  Purely because I just cannot be bothered anymore! Dating is actually quite the effort, it’s time consuming, often expensive (mainly if they’re English) and you waste precious time talking crap to your date who 80% of the time, you’ve no chemistry with.

I’ve found a new type of date, it’s call ‘the pavement’!! And it’s such a solid piece of concrete! It never disappoints or lets you down!

Reasons why you should ditch the dates and run…

1) It makes you look and feel better – It might be Baltic out there on these Winter evening but going for a run of an evening is so amazing. It’s liberating and you feel sensational after it. A date is not so liberating!

2) It keeps you out of pubs and away from the wine – Dates involve alcoholic drinks, spending money (mainly if they’re English boys!), hangovers and hangover eating habits. And at times, memory loss!!! Your body defo prefers the pavement!

3) De-stress, focus and thinking time – Running is like a free therapy experience. If you’ve had a bad day at work and you’re feeling the need to vent. Get out onto that pavement and pound it for a few minutes like your life depends on it. You’ll be like a new person on return!!



4) Energy – If you’re tired and feeling sluggish, running will give you N.R.G that you never knew you actually had! You’ll be like a duracell bunny before you know it!

Ditch the dates and pound the pavement this Xmas!!!




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