10 things every person will do this Xmas!

1 – Get drunk and then say you’re never drinking again and then you’ll go out the next night. And then repeat!

2- Eat an abnormal amount of sandwiches from the left over food. And then head into a food coma.

3- Leave at least one present in a pub. Or almost lose a present due to alcohol consumption. Refer to point number 1

4- Have an argument with a member of your family. Maybe on Christmas day… just for maximum effect!!

5- Get emotional and bawl crying with how much you love everyone. You don’t do this at any other time of year!

6 – Leave some Xmas shopping until Xmas eve!

7- Watch Coronation Street, Eastenders, Titanic or Oliver!

8- Ring/ Skype some aunt, uncle or relation in America or Australia on Christmas day!

9-  Buy or receive a box set and buy and receive the crapest present that you’ll talk about for years to come!

10- Justify eating and drinking too much by saying ‘ Ah sure fock it it’s Xmas!’

Merry Christmas!

Lots of love


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