I ran 19 miles… n sacrificed Arthur for Barry! A sin!

Yeah so last St Patrick’s day was a blur and this one will remain very crystal clear in my mind. I ran 19 miles today and can safely say that I think joining up for the Landan marathon has change my life… Not only has it kept me out of pubs (Sorry Arthur and Paddy)(Had a date with Barry instead… tea!) it’s given me a new passion, determination and drive! I think I’ve a new obsession!
Picture 013

Running is like free therapy… For anyone who gets stressed or feels a bit sh1te about life… I highly recommend going for a jog/run. The worse the weather the better!! Makes things more dramatic!
I’ve less than 6 weeks left until the Landan marathon! Totally scared out of my mind but if I can do this anybody can!

I’ll continue to run life a mofo and live the disco dream… and I would like to invite anybody who is around on 21st April to join me for a drink after my 26.2 miles (that’s hoping I make it!!) I plan to become a raging alcoholic for the day and make it up to Arthur (Guinness) and Patrick (St.Patrick) for not drink a Guinness or 10 today!

Next year Ireland… i’m coming to get you!

Lots of love

Your no.1 fan


x x x x

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