Can a long distance relationship work…?

Have you always had a negative view of long distance relationships? Are you in a long distance relationship? Have you turned down a relationship due to long distance? Here are some obvious but sometimes lacking ingredients which need to be sprinkled into a successful long distance relationship….


50/50...A long distance relationship will only work if you want it to. The two people involved in the relationship need to want to make it work. If only one person is making an effort then you’re heading for the ejection seat lever! One person needs to eventually be willing to move country or county… cause otherwise there’s no end to the distance and it becomes a tedious and wearing process. It also needs to be the right person and the right time and you’ll need to be clear on what you want and where you’re going! Zee feeling needs to be mutual!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T… sing it sista…!


KEEPING THE SPICE AILVE… You need to have things to look forward to like weekends away and little thoughtful surprises. You need to make an effort cause if you start flagging… feelings start fading… Now that it’s the 21st century, whatsapp is a great idea as it makes distance feel not so distant! You can spice things up with sexy texts and pictures. Everyone loves a sexy text or a raunchy picture…let’s not deny it! Don’t deny the BADY! Variety is the spice a life… word!


COMMUNICATION IS IMPERATIVE… If you’re living in different countries you’re living different lives… therefore it’s so important that you communicate properly. You need to feel like you’re part of one another’s lives even though you’re not in the same place. Open communication and respect will be the making of a successful long distance relationship. Call me….!!


You need to fully trust your other half because if you don’t… cracks will start to appear and theses are often irreparable. You will lead separate social lives for a time therefore you’ll need to trust your other half in every instance. You don’t want no Tiger Woods!! Ah ah ah (finger waving windshield wiper waving motion!)


Long distance will only work if you’re happy within yourself. You emulate externally what you’re feeling internally. You can’t fake feelings and you can’t fake happiness. If you’re not happy within yourself then no relationship will make you happy whether it’s long distance or not…


. If you’re into you’re other half as much as they’re into you.. the relationship won’t feel like an effort… it should be a naturally flowing transaction. AND it should be FUN. If you’re not having fun… then you’re wasting your time… you may as well pull the plug there and then…!


HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY… If you’re not feeling it… then don’t pretend you are… what is the point of that?! Don’t lead you’re other half on if you’re body’s saying let’s go but your heart is saying no... you’re mind, body and soul need to be aligned! If they’re not… the only person you’re fooling is yourself….

Long distance relationships can be the best relationships on the planet… the only thing that you need for a successful long distance relationship is the… je ne sais quoi!

Happy Easter babies….



One Comment on “Can a long distance relationship work…?

  1. long distance is great…..full time job, part time boyfriend…….x


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