A Grecian Love Affair!

Yeah so over the past two weeks, I’ve been having a love affair with Greece… In fact, we’re still having a love affair. It all started with a big Fat Greek Wedding in Athens which was quite the sensational. You cant beat a bit of rice throwing at a bride a groom!
Picture 073
Picture 078
Then it all went rather explorative with a bit of island hopping to the Islands.. only the Blue Star ferry…take me to the islands… as I drink a Heino on the top deck…TAKE ME! Firstly we spent time in Paros, it’s like the scene of a film there, it’s one of the quieter islands but everything about it is DIVINE. The colour of the sea is ridiculous. People are so nice there too… Local people stop in their cars and help you when they see you dragging your house size suitcases along the street in 35′ heat. We stayed in the Saint George Hotel in Paros which I’d highly recommend. It was so beautiful.

Picture 082

Picture 096

Picture 080

Santorini…It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen… I couldn’t stop taking pictures everywhere I went. Picture 091

The little cobbled streets, the views are off the hook, actually better than the postcards. We stayed in The Galaxy Suites in Santorini. I actually wanna live there, in the hot tub… FOREVER… Currently dealing with sever withdrawal symptoms from Santorini. It was the best holiday of my life and the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed! Words fail me.

Picture 088Picture 084

Picture 089

We also had an electricity cut one night as we walked from our hotel to Fira, it actually added to the romanticism of it all.

Picture 094

Picture 092

All in all, I am having an eternal love affair with the island of Greece…

Mosquito bites – 1 (thank you to Boots)

Amount of feta cheese eaten – A small factory

New found love – Santorini... and Eggplant

Picture 095

Return visit – Summer 2014

Observation – Level of Frape’s Greek people drink

Dear Greece, I want this love affair to continue forever! See you next year!




Picture 087

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