My Amy Winehouse parachute jump!

I’m very excited to say that I will be jumping out of a plane on 29 September with Amy Winehouse’s Mum and 28 other people to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and also to celebrate Amy’s 30th birthday. I got so excited about being accepted for this that I actually forgot about the jumping out of a plane part!


The countdown is on! I’m not at all afraid!!


@amysfoundation @jco4


4 Comments on “My Amy Winehouse parachute jump!

  1. Hi,
    This is Eiji. I made small talk with you at the pub in St Johns wood.
    I hope you had a good sunday night.
    It’s cool blog…..

    Have a great dream in London.


    • Hi Eiji, was lovely to meet you and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your book! Enjoy London too and I’ll make sure to learn more Japanese soon!!! Thanks for reading my blog! Jenny


  2. Hi Jenny
    I jumped out of a plane many years ago (well, hmmmm, 1993???) and it was a wonderful, thrilling, awakening experience…. I’m sure you’ll love it. Best regards from the Sunshine State!


    • Hey Philippe… Omg you’ll have to give me tips!! It’s a little bit scary!!! Hope the knee is holding up alright! Send some sunshine this way as its lashing rain here in landan today!!! Chat soon!!


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