Fat does not make you fat, sugar does…

So the reason this all started is because I decided that I wanted to cut down on the amount of sugar that I was eating. Not that I even ate that much but I decided I wanted to be more healthy and avoid processed foods as much as possible. I then mentioned this to my boyfriend, who then in conversation mentioned this to a girl he works with who was also cutting down on sugar for health reasons. He then sent me on Sarah Wilson’s book, ‘I Quit Sugar’. He’s now created a new wave of lunacy, with only himself to blame!!

80g sugar per carton, that's 20 teaspoons of sugar
80g sugar per carton, that’s 20 teaspoons of sugar

So as I read through the book, I was truly blown away, I still am to be honest. There was me thinking, I’m so healthy, I don’t eat anything really bad and I eat healthy sugar like honey and dark chocolate and lots of fruit. OH MOTHER OF GOD. The more I read, the more stunned, intrigued and also horrifed I got and here we are now.

Which is healthier? Not the 0% fat...
Which is healthier? Not the 0% fat…

There is actually 20g sugar in the 0% fat PER SERVING which is ONE Quarter of the entire TUB…. and 2.1g sugar in the Alpro Soya. A simple choice will save you over 4 teaspoons of sugar.

You may as well eat this for breakfast as it's less sugar than Tropicana
You may as well eat this for breakfast as it’s less sugar than Tropicana

I then started to do a little investigation into food labels down the aisles, like dried fruits, cartons of ‘healthy’ fruit juices and yoghurts, even things like the ‘healthy’ Marks & Spencers salads (26.2g in the particluar one I was eating) that I would eat at lunch thinking I’m really healthy. I couldn’t be so wrong and also tricked into thinking I’m being healthy. Nobody looks at the sugar on the labels, we all head straight for the fat content and calorie count. Well I actually could believe my eyes. I still can’t and it’s only been two weeks.

One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs
One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs

Just to give you an idea, one carton of Tropicana orange juice has 20g sugar per 250ml. There is 1000ml in a carton. 20g of sugar is = 5 teaspoons of sugar. So basically, one carton of ‘healthy’ orange juice contains 20 tea spoons of sugar. You’re only meant to consume approximately 5-6 teaspoons of sugar per day inclusive of food. One glass of orange is almost your daily intake. So couple that with your ‘healthy’ dried fruit on porridge or a bowl of museli and you’ve gone well above and beyond your daily recommended intake, BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!  My point being, you may as well eat a Mars bar for breakfast.

The way forward. Press Fillers
The way forward. Press Fillers

You might think you’re being healthy by eating apples, healthy cereals, cereal bars, dark chocolate and bananas to name a few, but you’re not. Sugar is sugar whether it’s in fruit or a mars bar. You’re just being tricked into eating foods that are 0% fat as that’s the way society has now been conditioned. It’s all a money making racket. Full fat things are actually better for you. All ‘low-fat’ or ‘0%’ fat means is that they’ve taken out the fat, and added sugar, lashings of sugar. It’s actually makes sense if you think about it, years ago nobody had luxury foods or processed foods, nobody had a weight problem. The problem that we now face is that everything is processed, the foods we eat thinking we’re healthy are 10000% not!

My new non M&S or Pret lunch...
My new non M&S or Pret lunch…

I could go on and on and one but I just need to share my two week experience, I’ll keep it updated as I go… I’m not saying that I’ll neve eat sugar again but I defo will not be eating half the amount that I used to because now, I’m actually aware of what I’m putting into my body. You should too.

This isn’t a diet, this is an awarenss and a health choice. I feel SO much better within myself already and I feel actually full after a meal. My body is no longer being tricked into thinking it’s healthy and it’s much happier and balanced without being depreived in any way, shape or form.

Thank you Sarah Wilson, you’ve changed my life!


2 Comments on “Fat does not make you fat, sugar does…

  1. Jenny god this is crazy i didnt have a clue!!thanks for the info!what are your meals for dinner just so i can get some ideas!?xx


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