Is your belly your problem area? Not anymore!

When I was reading Sarah Wilson’s book, the person who inspired me in the first place, she asked the question, are you in good shape everywhere except your belly? Is your belly your problem area? I was thinking, eh yeah I find that my only problem area no matter how healthy I am or no matter how far I run. She felt that the belly area was all down to sugar. After two weeks, I can confirm that the pudgy bit that I hate is decreasing rapidly. What makes this sugar discovery so amazing is that it’s not deprivation; it’s about knowledge and knowing the right things to eat. I think I’m actually eating more, the only difference is I’m eating all the right things for my body.


As I’ve only discovered the madness of sugar in foods in the past 2 weeks, I’m pretty new to this but I’m so fascinated and intrigued. I am so interested in finding out more and investigating the effects of hidden sugar in foods. I would consider myself fairly health conscious anyway but this whole sugar discovery continues to blow my mind. I’m still learning all about what foods I should and should not be putting into my body so I thought I’d share my findings and approach so far. This is the basics of what I’m currently doing but I will continue to update as I go!


Breakfast ideas: porridge with full fat milk, put cinnamon on it if you want a little sweeter but with full fat milk it’s almost just perfect by itself.

Eggs (scrambled with spinach), boiled, fried (in olive oil). I love porridge so I’ve been sticking with this so far but you can do so much with eggs.


Snack ideas: (this is for the mid morning craving in the office/at work when you’ve had breakfast but need something to keep you going until lunch. So I’ve replaced my apple and bananas with the following kinda things:Nairns Oat crackers, walnuts, cashew nuts, halloumi, feta cheese,Alpro soya yoghurt ( you can get one that begins with an S in Wholefoods that actually has 0 sugar in it but haven’t made it to Wholefoods yet), avocado, coffee with full fat milk as it tastes so creamy and dreamy, black olives.


Lunch ideas: I go for salads usually or soup because they’re so tasty and also so easy, affordable and don’t take much preparation. I only eat fish but you’ll have a lot more options if you eat chicken etc. I like tuna salads and you can use a lot of the snack ideas in you salads to bulk them up and make sure you’re full. Feta cheese, I love tofu so that’s amazing too with Tamari Soya Sauce, which is so tasty as lots of soya sauces, like the Blue Dragon one actually have sugar in it, I never thought I would find sugar in soya sauce but there ya go, ya learn something new everyday. I also have taken to making pea soup and throwing in some spinach. It’s so tasty, easy, cheap and you can make a batch on a Sunday night and make it last until Wednesday! Red onion is fine and so are tomatoes, but only if they’re fresh, if in doubt, check the label!


Dinner Ideas: I only  have myself to cook for in the evenings so when I make dinner, I make enough for 2 people, then bring the remainder in a tub for lunch the next day. I love sweet potato, omelettes, soups and anything else that I have in the fridge and throw together.

There is one thing that I refuse to ever give up and that’s my Barry’s tea! Although that’s probably irrelevant when you’re talking about sugar. I have so much more to investigate but these are the basics of what I’m doing at the moment. I have so much more energy which is weird and I genuinely feel much better in my body.

I am a work in progress!


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