Do you eat frozen lemons? Why I urge you to!

Frozen lemons will change your life. I’ve been so blown away by lemons lately that I thought I’d do an update about them, thanks Mum! I’ve decided they’re a superfood invigoration drug. Ok so basically, what you need to do it get a lemon. Place it in the freezer. Take it out the next day and grate it. Then put it into either hot orcold water. WHY? Well because, the secret is that the RIND is the most powerful part, NOT the juice.

Apparently it fights cancer and it’s stronger than chemotherapy. It actually makes you feel revitalised when you drink it! Put it on salads, yoghurt, smoothies, ice-cream etc . Change your morning tea or coffee for frozen lemons. It’s so good for your liver too and I’m convinced it makes your skin look glowing. On a hangover, it’s the ultimate cure; put the grated frozen lemon into fizzy water, feed that liver some goodness after badness! Just make sure the lemon has been frozen otherwise you’re not getting the benefit. Get those bad boy lemons into your body.

A lemon is also like 30p or something so it’s the cheapest health kick ever!

Taste the zest!



2 Comments on “Do you eat frozen lemons? Why I urge you to!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. Why do the lemons have to frozen? As when you add to hit water they only going to defrost any way.



    • I’m not 100% sure but think it changes them when they’re frozen! Plus it means you use all of the lemon and never waste anything. It taste nicer frozen too. It’s been linked to curing people from cancer too! Thanks for reading x


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