Where have all the cows gone?

It struck me last night as I poured my full fat milk into my Barry’s tea, that I go through quite a bit of milk these days. I also share a house with other girls and they also go through quite a lot of milk. I then started to think about the quantity of milk that our house alone would go through in a week let alone a family with a few kids. And I’ve always noticed such a huge array of milk on the supermarket shelves and in my corner shop. Then I was thinking, where are all the cows that produce all this milk? I mean I think we would need one whole cow to ourselves to sustain our house in milk for a week? Or perhaps a cow produces more milk than I think? I know people will say the cow’s are on farms in the country. I have spent time in the country and I just never see so many cows!

Then it got me thinking that I would like to investigate this further! Does anyone know any good farms where I could go to learn about milk? And are you actually able to drink unpasturised milk these days? I’ve heard of a few famous people who drink unpasturised milk from cows they graze on their own land. It’s actually quite fascinating when you think about it? So if anyone knows a good farm where I could go and learn more about the cows and milk, please let me know!

I’ve also heard that cow’s can predict when it’s going to rain and when they think it’s going to rain, they sit down? Are they acutally psychic or just tired?!


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