Why women are attracted to the older man?

Well we have George and Brad and even some women have thing for Jack Nicholson or Mel Gibson. Well some men are like a fine wine, they get better with age! Here are a few reasons why I think some women prefer an older man!

1) They’re more manly and they’ve usually got their life sh*t together! They’re like Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want’ except they don’t have the added power of hearing your thoughts!


2) Women with older souls are attracted to an older man, it’s a natural and unavoidable gravitation.

3) Older men are more traditional, romantic, understanding and thoughtful. They hold doors open and walk on the outside of the curb and make sure you’re on the inside.

4) They can dance! Not in all cases though!

5) They’re probably just about on your mental wave length. Men are late developers so the older ones are more mentally mature! If they’re 10 years older, that’s a good mental match!

6) They prefer wine to tequila and they know about wines! This alters when they’re out with their own friends, then they may revert to shots, but they keep it ass mature as possible when they can!

7) 90% of the time, they’re more domesticated than the younger man!

8) They appreciate a good spoon!


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