Do you suffer from anxiety? A OUI, control that mofo!

So I have have written about panic attacks before as I’ve had two major panic attacks in my life, one which involved calling an ambulance as I thought I was dying or having a heart attack. I had actually hyperventilated and my hands went paralysed to the point I thought I would be permanently like that forever. Most horrendous experience ever. The other was on a Ryanair flight, not ideal! So I was chatting to my mates last night as sometimes I experience anxiety like in normal daily life, not too much but it does happen. The thing about it is, I think a lot of people actually suffer from anxiety, it’s just not something we all care to chat about… So here are some tips…

1) When you’re having anxiety, think of places that you feel relaxed in. You need to distract your brain and then the anxiety will subside.

2) You can’t die, you just freak yourself out and your heart starts beating faster and then you just fixate on the anxiety and it gets worse. Breath normally and control the mofo and it will stop!

3) It can occur at anytime but hangovers are usually prime time. Avoid caffeine or anything with sugar. These will mess with your blood sugar levels and this is something you don’t need if you’re prone to anxiety. Like for instance, a can of Coke on a hangover. That is an ultimate no go. Water is the way.

4) Your mind is so powerful that it can psych you out and bring on anxiety. But you can also stop it from happening and control it all by yourself. Get rescue remedy or something as it’s all in your mind and taking something like that might help. It’s just the idea of taking something which may calm you down.

It really can strike at anytime. You’re grand one minute and the next you’re having anxiety. But you can control it, so keep calm and say Ah Ah Ah (finger waving windshield wiper movement!)

Avoid sugar, avoid anxiety.


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