How to make your hair glossy and shiny in the kitchen!

So I have decided that it’s not what you put onto your hair that makes it shiny or glossy, it’s what you put into your body that makes your hair shiny and glossy. If you think about it, if you eat chocolate and bad food your skin will most likely be in bad condition. If you eat all the right things and nutrients, your skin will reflect what you’re eating, which is health, vigour and glow.

I would consider my hair to be glossy & shiny most of the time so I have devised my own tried and tested things which I feel make hair shiny and glossy!


1)Avocado – I eat one whole avocado every day. I blend it with milk and add cacao nibs. This probably does not sound too appetising but it’s actually so replenishing. I can’t live without my avo’s!

2) Full fat things – I put olive oil on my toast instead of low fat anything. Real butter and also I have just discovered Tiana coconut oil. I actually just added a tea spoon to my coffee this morning. It’s divine and ZERO sugar. I was inspired by Sarah Wilson after reading her blog and articles on spooning coconut oil from the jar!  A jar of coconut oil isn’t cheap but it lasts ages and it’s not more expensive than a bottle of wine!

3) Guinness – I ain’t no scientist but I do feel like Guinness has many benefits such as iron etc. Pregnant women are often told to drink it and elderly people as it has elements that are so good for you. Obviously not 10 pints a night but I truly feel there’s something in there that makes your hair glossy! A glass or dark red wine is also good for your hair, in my opinion!

4) Aubergine – I always slice aubergine and do it on the pan with olive oil or coconut oil and team it with grilled slices of halloumi. It’s so so good! Defo think it’s good for your hair. Also throw a few nuts in the mix and you’ll soon start to see the benefits on your hair, skin and nails.

One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs
One of my new works snacks, walnuts, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs

5) Apple Cider Vinegar – Add a few drops to your water when at work and sip on it. The health benefits of this are endless and again convinced this has a good effect on your hair.

6) Green things – I make a soup which includes, broccoli, spinach, celery,courgette and anything else green! This is just total goodness into your body. It also costs about £7 t0 make a batch that will feed your for lunch for 5 days. Cheap, easy and makes your hair glossy!


I am not expert but I do feel that certain foods give your hair that shiny gloss that you can’t create. It’s not what you put onto your hair or onto your body, it’s about what you put into your body and the benefits will show on your hair and skin. It’s not expensive to be healthy these days which is the most exciting part of it all! I am convinced that all the above things make your hair shiny and glossy!


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