Long distance? Yes. It works!

Long distance ain’t easy but if it’s meant to be, it will be. What’s meant for you in life will never pass you… so fear not, let fate take it’s course! I’ve been doing long distance for almost a year now and it’s worth every minute it… especially if they decide to uproot themselves and come live in the same country! Because…You’re worth it, L’oréal said so! There are some essential things that you will need for long distance…

Whatsapp – This is a bad boy GOD. Constant communication and makes daily long distance life all the easier.

A home phone – Very Irish but always a winner! Call me on the HOME phone. What’s the number? Oh I have no idea!

Love – Being in love really helps for long distance. That’s always a plus!

Ahead of zee game – Get a diary. Add the upcoming exciting things in as you go… i.e book flights!

Go spread those wings and fly!


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