‘I sold my car and got on the boat’… The James Joyce Ulysses to be precise!

Yes, yes I did! It was the 29 April 2010 on the James Joyce Ulysses, here’s the article I wrote the day before I moved 4 years ago! That was almost 4 years ago but I can safely say I’m livingthediscodream!!  It was traumatic selling and breaking up with Martha, my VW Polo but she knew I was destined for better adventures!!

My love for the man never fades!!

So almost four years on and people are still emigrating from the motherland. Thanks to Paul Waldie and his article on ‘Why Ireland’s recovery may not be sustainable’ in the Global Mail, Canada for giving me a shout out! That’s exactly how it happened!

 “I sold my car and got on the boat,” says Jenny Conlon, 27, who left Dublin for London three years ago after earning a master’s degree in journalism and finding no work. “At the moment there is nothing for me to go back to,” says Ms. Conlon, who works at a consulting firm.


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