YES…Wrap presents with your empty Barry’s tea box…retro Barry!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No no, that’s the leaning tower of Barry’s Tea! So are you Irish or are you the proud owner of a little red box of Barry’s delight? So small yet so Barry beautiful. BUT a box of bad boy Barry’s ain’t your average box of tea bags, it’s more, so much more, you have just saved yourself thousands of pounds by purchasing your little baby box. Why? How?.. you might ask. Well because you’ll never have to buy wrapping paper or a gift box ever again. An empty box of Barry’s is your new retro wrapping box.  You’re saving trees, the general well being of the environment and making people Barry Tea happy all at the same time!!

The leaning tower of Barry's!
The leaning tower of Barry’s!

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? How about a nice romantic lingerie set in a red Barry’s box for Valentines day? Don’t worry about the Barry’s tea aroma from the box, that adds to the whole Barry’s experience! It’ll just remind them of home! In fact you could even make a Barry’s heart shaped card out of another box just for maximum effect!! Then leave them on your lovers pillow on 14 February as below!!

So much love in the room! Literally!
So much love in the room! Literally!

 On a more serious note Ireland, every household should keep a few empty boxes of Barry’s throughout the year. Then next Christmas we should all fill them with nice warm presents and send them to the poor children in Africa, India and around the world who don’t have anything. That way, we’re all Barrying! As you can see, your box of Barry’s tea is not just any box of tea, it’s an experience, a life game changer! The simple most authentic things in life are always the Barry best! Over to you Mr and Mrs Barry!  That’s a wrap!



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