Oil Pulling?? – Yes it makes your teeth white for £2.50/ V Day

Firstly just want to thank thejournal.ie for sharing my Valentines Day dating tips. It certainly is dog eat dog out there! Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day too! I went to San Lorenzo restaurant in Wimbledon with the LOML and that was nice to celebrate our one year anniversary!

San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo
Love buns!
Love buns!

So back to oil pulling. My Mum ages ago had told me about this oil pulling business as someone in her yoga class told her about it. It goes back to ancient times but what inspired me to try it this week was when I read about it on Sarah Wilson’e blog. Jess Ainscough was chatting about how she does it everyday.

Basically you get some coconut oil, sun flower oil or sesame oil. You put a tablespoon into your mouth and leave it there for 20 minutes. I use the coconut oil and it’s truly amazing. You should try it! I decided to try it and I must say I love it. It makes your mouth feel so fresh and so clean and I’m convinced that my teeth are getting whiter! And it’s so cheap because you prob already have it in your kitchen press. 

Go try a bit of oil pulling!




7 Comments on “Oil Pulling?? – Yes it makes your teeth white for £2.50/ V Day

  1. I have tried oil pulling. I have not seen the whitening results yet but I observed that I did not have the usual morning breath. What makes me uncomfortable is not to spit on the sink or toilet. I will do it again if I purchase a trash can for this purpose.


    • haha! Thanks for reading Daniel but honestly I’m convinced it does make your teeth whiter! I think the best time to do the oil pulling is first thing in morning when you’re having your shower before breakfast!!


  2. It’s supposed to be good for gum disease too and apparently speeds up your metabolism! I have tried almost every other teeth whitening product so why haven’t I started this already. I’m on it!!


    • Yeah defo! Thanks Eve and it’s make to aid weight loss. Tastes nice when you use for cooking! you can basically use it for everything! x


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