A YouTube Channel!

So following from my first Vlog yesterday, I decided to set up a YouTube Channel. Is anyone else on there? If so you can follow me or subscribe! I’ve have no real actually idea what I will vlog about but perhaps just life in general! I’m currently using my phone to record videos! I’m not quite sure if this is a good idea of whether I’m slowly losing the plot! Only time will tell haha!



3 Comments on “A YouTube Channel!

  1. Hi Jenny
    we had emailed so many times, it’s nice to hear your voice!!! I like your tips about moving in with a boy….. but trust me, you’ll have WAY more challenging things than sorting out books and DVDs…. maybe I should write a book about living with a woman (13 years.. with the same one.. and counting!) Good taste though from what I could see: Lee Child and Father Ted 😉




      • Well, men and women are VERY different indeed.. I wouldn’t say some are better or worse, that’d be judgemental…. daily routines and priorities can vary dramatically… and the most difficult thing is to keep an open mind: just because your significant other has a different view doesn’t mean it’s wrong…. going from long distance to moving in together is a major change… the most challenging time with my wife was the 1st year we had moved in together… it will test the strength of your relationship, believe me
        that and sharing a toilet, bathroom and dirty laundry!!!!!


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